Garlic is known to be a food that is full of healthy nutrients and hence it is recommended to include garlic in your diet every day. It is said to cure many of the complicated health issues such as liver problems, clogged arteries, baldness and also respiratory issues or flu.  This is because garlic contains a very powerful ingredient known as allicin. The best way to consume garlic is by crushing it, as cooking garlic can lose some of the important properties. So, to consume garlic, you can crush it and leave it for 15 minutes before eating it directly. If you are concerned about the bad odor that it has, you can mix some parsley and vegetable oil to it.

Not only eating, there are a number of other benefits of garlic too. A number of people have a habit of keeping the garlic under their pillows so that they can have a good amount of sleep. Also there are a number of other people who keep garlic in their pockets and consider it to be a good luck charm. There are also a number of people who first rub garlic on pots and pans before cooking so that all the negativity can be eliminated from the food prepared. So, if you are also having problem with sleep, try keeping garlic bud under your pillow, or keep garlic in your pocket to stay away from any kind of negativity and bad luck.

Source: Natural Tips For Beauty