Following is a recipe which contains well-known natural ingredients. The creator of this recipe is a Brazilian monk named Romano Zago. The recipe itself is designed for curing cancer. There are 3 ingredients required for preparing this recipe, and they are Honey, Alcohol, and Aloe Vera. Although pharmaceutical companies do not want to reveal anything about this recipe, it has found its way throughout the world.

It has been included in the book written by Father Romano named “From the air you can recover.” Till date, this recipe has helped out, at least, thousands of people worldwide. You too can use it to help yourself.

Ingredients Used

The ingredients of this recipe go as follows: A total of 50 grams of honey, a total of 35 grams of Aloe Arborescence leaves, 6 tablespoons of alcohol of any type (Rum, Whiskey, Brandy, etc.). You need to begin the entire process by cleaning the Aloe leaves with the help of a dry cloth. Remove all the needles on the surface of the leaves and chop it up into tiny little pieces. Make sure that you do not peel off the aloe while doing it.


After doing all of this, you will have to place all of the pieces of Aloe inside a blender after which you will have to cover it up with honey and your choice of alcohol. Then you will have to mix the whole thing as well as you can and blend it thoroughly. You won’t have to cook this mixture in any way. Nor will you have to strain it in any possible manner.

This is the entire making process of the particular recipe. After that, you need to know the dosage of this recipe. No matter how good the mixture is, you still need to follow a prescription that will help you determine the dosage. And as far as this recipe is concerned, you need to consume it 3 times per day approximately. Along with that, you have to make sure that you have a tablespoon of that recipe and not anymore.


Also, you have to keep in mind to eat this around half an hour before each meal. This makes sure that the recipe is utilized to full effect. As far as storage is concerned, you should keep this mixture in a refrigerator in a dark jar. But do be warned that children under the age of 18 months should not intake the honey at all costs. The reason being honey is composed of 50% of this recipe.

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