The most important fact for heart health is to prevent the clogging of arteries. Often junk food, oily food and a diet filled with meat causes severe blockage of the arteries. This does not only affect heart health but also other functions in the body. Now we bring to you a simple but effective remedy that prevents the clogging of arteries.


What do you need?

  • Lemons – 4
  • Ginger Root – 3-4 cm long
  • Garlic Cloves – 4
  • Water – 2 litres


How to make?

  • Make sure that the lemons are organic, if not soak them in a mixture of water and vinegar. This will make sure that toxins are removed.
  • Then chop the lemon into smaller pieces, with its skin.
  • Peel the garlic
  • The ginger, lemons and garlic are blended in a blender till it becomes a proper mixture.
  • Add the two litres of oil to this mixture and let it boil in a pot.
  • Cool the mixture as soon as it starts to boil.
  • After cooling the solution will become strained and can be stored in glass containers.


How to Consume?

Drink this remedy for atleast two times a day. It is better if you can drink it on an empty stomach atleast a couple of hours before breakfast. Although the ginger and lemon will neutralize garlic’s smell, if you do feel uncomfortable you may just add a dash of honey to this drink for taste.

Repeat this therapy for at least three weeks, then stop it for a week and then continue the procedure for another three weeks. You will feel the amazing results of this simple remedy.

This homemade treatment will unclog your arteries and will improve the blood circulation in your body, brining better skin, proper functioning of the digestive system and the liver, not to mention better heart health.

Source: Natural Medicine Box