The basic principle of our muscles is that they will start becoming weak if we don’t use them! Have you ever had a broken leg bone? The leg muscles become weak after you have rested that leg for weeks. It is the same in the case of your eyes.

Many people wear glasses because they have poor vision. But they forget one basic thing – to exercise their eyes. That’s why your eyes continue getting weaker once you start wearing glasses. Remember that your eyes also have muscles and they need exercising to be strengthened.

When you are wearing glasses, you should try to redevelop your vision. These following tips will help you with the process:

  • You should not put strain on your eyes. Make sure to close and give rest to your eyes for at least a few minutes after 2 to 3 hours of work.
  • You should perform the ‘gymnastics’ of eyes. They comprise of 16 exercises.
  • Minimize the duration for which you wear your eye glasses.
  • Make sure to massage your eyes in the key points. Use the following method: apply very light amount of pressure on the eyeball using your middle and index finger tips. Be very gentle and then the points lightly using your index finger two times.


  • You should try and look at objects in the distance when you take a walk outdoors.
  • Wash your eyes often using lukewarm water.
  • You should stop looking at a computer screen at least a couple hours before going to bed.
  • Make sure to drink a mixture of carrot juice and olive oil drops every day.
  • Use the exercise system known as Trataka (which comes from India), for rebuilding your vision.


What is Trataka?

This form of vision exercise involves a focused and centered look. It is a kind of reflection that helps in coordinating your sight’s fixation at a particular point. This point could be a tiny object, a dark spot or even a flame. It will help in developing focus and strengthen your vision and the development of the third eye.

During the initial stage, you should focus on some object or image. Make sure to look at it for extended duration. You should focus your mind on its image with clarity of thoughts.

When you notice that tears are starting to flow, close your eyes and rest them. The goal behind doing this eye exercise is to increase your eyes’ endurance. You should hold on as long as the tears don’t start flowing.

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Source: Healthy Life Vision