Now you can wear your favorite high heels without ever having to worry about sore feet and pain. There’s nothing that can hold you back from wearing the high heels any longer.

You could now alleviate both pain and numbness in your fingers. This innovative trick will also allow you to avoid walking with pain. Once you know this trick, you will never give a second thought before wearing high heels again – they will become your best friends.

High heels are among the most beautiful detail features to give a woman a sexier look. However, a large number of women would not wear them because of the pain and discomfort they can cause.

If you desire to walk around in your best high heels without having to bear any pain or cramps in your feet or toes, this is a highly effective trick for you. It has also been confirmed medically.

You will require nothing else for this trick but an adhesive tape having some transparent color.

Follow these steps:

  • Wrap the adhesive tape around your 3rd and 4th toe (from the thumb).
  • It will fix your fingers and stop them from getting separated.
  • This method will help minimize the pressure on your foot’s front area, which is the part that pains when you wear high heels.

This toe fixing technique will also help in preventing cramps and numbness in your toes. This is usually caused due to increase in the pressure in your feet.

Source: Natural Health Care For You