Do you just use toothpaste to get sparkling teeth? Well, cleaning teeth is undoubtedly the most important reason for using this but it also has some secrets, which women cannot never afford to undermine.

Nail polish or nail colors are used by almost every woman. In most of the cases, nail polishes last for a short span of time but do not get removed completely on its own and you need to rely on acetone remover for cleaning the nails. Acetone remover though cleans your nails and gets it ready for  new color, it makes the nails dry. It often leads to breakage, peeling, splitting as well as brittleness to the nails. However, if you use toothpaste for the same job for just two times a day, you will see amazing results.

Just follow the simple steps and see the wonder

First step- Squeeze some paste on your nails.

Second step- Rub it properly

Third step- Rub it finally with a toothbrush.

Unlike the acetone remover, toothpaste will just remove the colors. It will not remove the moisture content and your nails will never feel dry. If you have never thought of such miracles using toothpaste, you can check the video and see the benefits of using toothpaste on nails.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home