In the center of the neck, exists a small hormonal gland name Thyroid. It has internal functions as a hormone gland, it secretes some major hormones needed for the body to grow and to help in metabolism. Being an internal gland, it’s existence and importance is not known to most people.

American Thyroid Association estimates that almost 20 million Americans are having some sort of Thyroid problem and a shocking 60% is not even aware of the situation. If you have the following symptoms then you are likely to have a Thyroid problem and you should try to visit your Doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Feeling tired and Fatigue
  2. Difficulty to concentrate
  3. Unnatural weight gain
  4. Dried up skin
  5. Slow pulse rate
  6. Excessive depression
  7. Brittle hair
  8. Loss of sexual desire
  9. Skin swelling
  10. Extra sensitivity to cold

It is possible to mix the symptoms up with any other disease but when you see the symptoms, it is better not to take a risk and get yourself checked up. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism, both can cause the neck to swell and this is the most obvious sign that you may have a serious Thyroid problem.

What tests should you have a look at?

The Thyroid gland produces a series of hormones which have their distinct functionalities and each of them is vital. You should tell your doctor to have a look at your hormone levels to know if you are having any problem. We made a list of those hormones which are absolutely necessary to check.

  1. TSH (Thyrotropin Synthesis Hormone)
  2. Free T3
  3. Reverse T3
  4. Free T4
  5. Thyroid Peroxide Antibodies
  6. Thyroglobulin Antibodies

Let the doctor confirm that these hormone levels are normal to make sure you are not having issues.

What can you do to improve the way of Thyroid Function?

Thyroid is an absolutely vital grand and you should always take good care of it. Below mentioned processes will help you to take good care of it.

  • Sleep properly. In this busy age, most of the American population can’t get enough sleep necessary. It is natural to be tired when you are sleep deprived. After proper 8 to 10 hours sleep, if you find yourself tired, then you should have yourself checked up.
  • Iodine and Selenium supplements should be taken. These two elements are immensely important for normal function of Thyroid gland but it seems most people are unaware about it. You must prepare a proper diet plan which includes these two minerals sufficiently.
  • Zinc, Copper and Iron elements also play an important role but less than Iodine and Selenium. You should consider these elements in your chart too.
  • Eat a lot of fermented foods and expect your gut strength to be better. Staying healthy on the stomach increases metabolism and proven good for Thyroid gland.
  • Try not to eat too much of vegetables with the mineral elements. Having too much of those is not your concern. Just be sure to have those in your plate for a decent time. Don’t overdo it as it may cause Thyroid cancer if done excessively.
  • Go gluten free and avoid them at any cost. Gluten is not healthy for your Thyroid and it decreases certain hormone levels.
  • Body and mind, both work at a same pace. Keep your mind calm by doing Yoga. It helps to keep you focused and healthy. Try to maintain your stress level and live an active life.
  • If the symptoms are prominent, don’t wait. Meet your healthcare provider and get the assistance.

Source: Daily Health Post