Honey- Top 5 Health Benefits


Honey has always been somewhat a mystical natural potion. The gold textured translucent look is simply enchanting. This miraculous elixir is made from the best natural resources like, sunlight, raindrops, pollen and more.  The most notable characteristic of honey is that it goes centuries without rotting. The honey found in the pyramids and tombs of Egypt, was still edible after several centuries. This is a proof f magical powers that honey possesses.

Benefits Of Honey:

Beside its mesmerizing appeal and wonderful taste, honey offers abundant health benefits. With usage in routine, honey can prevent and help cure a number of diseases, based on its antioxidants. It kills all the bacteria and removes harmful toxins from your body. Researches have proven the benefits of honey in for several medical conditions.


1.      Abundant in Nutrients and Minerals:

Honey is abundant in several vital nutrients and minerals. All these elements are extremely beneficial for your overall health. Let’s have a look at the most prominent nutrients and minerals.

  • Glucose Helps balance your body’s sugar level. This keeps you fresh and active over time.
  • Fructose harmonizes the digestion, metabolism, appetite control and liver functioning.
  • Iron generates more red blood cells and balances hemoglobin. It also helps absorb the proteins digested in diet.
  • Calcium strengthens your bones. Your heart muscles and nerves are also strengthened with calcium.
  • Potassium keeps a balance between acids and bases in your body. Your body electrolyte levels remain normal, which ensure better functioning of cells.
  • Magnesium helps control enzymatic processes in your body. It synthesizes fatty acids and proteins.


2.      Seasonal Allergies:

Honey is derived from pollen of flowers, so traces of pollen can be found in it. Your body responds with generating more antioxidants to fight against pollen. As a result, your immune system gets more powerful against allergies that come with changing seasons.

3.      Treat Wounds, Cuts and Burns:

The antioxidant nature of honey does not allow bacterial growth to take place. This makes it useful to treat cuts, wounds and burns. When you apply honey to the wounded or affected area, the bacterial growth is killed. In medical studies, honey is a proven sterilizer, and used for healing properties.

4.      Stronger Memory:

Some antioxidants found in honey help treat the damaged brain cells and enables growth of new cells. Your body feels soothed, which provides a healthy hormonal balance. This is great for reinforcing your memory. Honey is perfect for all you students, who are nearing the examination dates.

5.      Treats Cough:

The antibacterial action of honey remedies the bacteria, which causes cough, in your throat. Honey is a popular cough suppressant. It is more powerful than your average antibiotic drug that are used in cough syrups.


These are some major benefits that come with regular usage of honey. However, the benefits don’t stop here. There are several more benefits of honey, which is why you must add honey to your diet. You will feel healthier day by day. Add it to your diet, and share your experience with us in the comments section below.