To learn if your heart is properly working, scientists have discovered an easy trick which includes touching the tip of your toes. If you are able to touch them, your heart is in perfect condition.

Recently, a study published in the Heart and Circulatory Physiology suggested that this method really works. This is how you can try it:

Sit on the floor with the feet extended in front of you and your toes pointing up. Reach to them with your hands and try to touch the tips – if you are flexible enough, it means that your heart is healthy.

The study was done by scientists from the University of North Texas and Japan and included 526 participants aged 20 to 83. The subjects performed the flexibility test while measuring blood pressure and heart activity. The results showed that people over 40 with inflexible bodies also had inflexible arteries. The people who could not reach the tip of their toes had stiff blood vessels and increased risk of heart diseases.

Dr. Yamamoto, one of the scientists who worked on the study, says: “If you can touch your toes while sitting straight, your heart is working properly. But, if you can’t, it may be a good idea to visit a cardiologist just in case.” However, he says that stiff muscles don’t definitely mean that you’re suffering from a heart disease – it may just be a sign that the heart is less healthy than before.

Source: Healthy Life Story