Studies conducted in America have revealed that one out of eight within 12 years of age and older experience loss of hearing. It is seen that about 5 million of the American population experience problems in hearing. 9% of the adult population that fall within the age group of 55 to 64 experience acute hearing problems.

As per the reports put forward by the NIC, people experience hearing problems because they are exposed to a lot of noise for a prolonged period of time. Ageing is another reason why people lose their hearing. Experts have sympathetically stated that this problem is not treated as a genuine problem and is often neglected.

There is no doubt that losing the ability to hear properly is very unfortunate, people who have this condition often isolate themselves or even suffer from chronic depression and self esteem problems. Losing the ability to hear properly can cause problems at the workplace too.

The other problem is that some people who have problems hearing have never utilized a hearing aid. A study has revealed that adults who fall into the age group of 20 to 69 have used hearing aids but only 16% have actually benefitted from it. The reason being hearing aids is quite expensive and cannot be afforded by the average Joe.

The device can cost $3500 for each year depending on the brand and model. The other point worth mentioning is that these devices do not last very long. So you have to keep replacing them at regular intervals.

The two most important ingredients that can restore hearing

There are two ingredients that can help you restore your hearing but they may not work for everyone. You have to get in touch with your doctor if your case is advanced or acute.

So what are the two ingredients that help restore the ability to hear?

Onion and garlic juice is the perfect solution to restore your hearing. Now you may think what is it about these ingredients that can restore hearing. Well onion is said to have antioxidants in it that can help the ear to recover from any trauma caused by loud noises or changes in air pressure. A recent research revealed that people who suffered cochlear damage can make a speedy recovery by consuming a mix of onion and water.

There are quite a few people who have actually benefitted by using garlic, which is not unusual as garlic has many health benefits. It is no secret that garlic helps to cure colds and reduce cholesterol and also curb high blood pressure. Garlic is known to fight problems related to hearing by enhancing the flow of the blood and improving the cochlea health.

Recipe for onion and garlic juice

The ingredients:

  • A dropper
  • Cotton Balls or gauze
  • A small quantity of olive oil
  • Garlic cloves
  • Onion juice about 15ml

How to prepare the juice

Start by pouring olive oil within a cup. Then give the garlic a good squeeze to get the juice out. Mix the ingredients well and then use a dropper to put it in each ear, follow up by covering your ears with a cotton ball or gauze.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network