It is a very common problem with every human being that his or her eyesight deteriorates with the age. According to a study the AMS or (Age related macular degeneration) is a state which happens to most of the Caucasian women in their fifties.

Not only age there is other reasons also behind the lacking of eyesight. A very important factor is your lifestyle, which can be cause the betterment, or damage of your eyesight.

If you are suffering from macular degeneration, nothing can help you to get out of this problem but healthy lifestyle. The food habit takes a major role behind a healthy life style so you can find a remedy of your problem by including some ingredients in your daily diet.

And the ingredients are as following-

Garlic (lower cholesterol)

A research from Harvard Medical School has proved that if the level of cholesterol can be reduced, it will also reduce the risk of advancing macular degeneration. Age related degeneration results in accumulation of fat deposit under the retina of the eyes. This is the reason of causing blindness or blurriness in the focus of your vision. During the Harvard study 23 patients who are suffering from AMD were given high dosage of Lipitor that is a medicine to decrease the level of cholesterol. As a result of the medicine the clarity of vision came back and fat deposition removed of 10 patients out of the 23.

Garlic cans a take a very important role to reduced cholesterol. It is proved in the report of “The Annals of Internal Medicine”. The report declares that consuming half a clove of garlic daily can reduce cholesterol level.  The garlic contains such substances that hinder cholesterol production.

Reduce your blood pressure

Blood is somewhat connected with the age related sight degeneration. High blood pressure obstructs the blood flow that seriously damages the function of retina. While sufficient supply of oxygen is very much necessary for the proper function of retina, the purpose got hampered when there is not enough blood reserve in the organs that carries the oxygen in the retina and the result is weak eyesight.

That garlic is really beneficial to reduce systolic blood pressure is also proved by two analyses that were done by Cochrane database of Systematic Reviews. Like the report of “The Annals of Internal Medicine”, this report also proved that garlic is a natural medicine that can cure the ARMD.

Crush or press the garlic until it starts to release the effective ingredients that are essential foe eyesight. Surely it is going to create some effective causes if you use it in a various ways in your daily diet. As it s a natural medicine you can be sure not to be harmed by any side effects like the chemical medicines.

So don’t delay to include garlic in your daily diet and feel the adventurous experience of improving your eyesight gradually.

Carrots, enriched with beta carotene 

It can be heard that there are a number of benefits in a carrot. Indeed, a single carrot gives you a number of benefits. The thing with which carrot is enriched is beta-carotene. After you consume it as your food, it transforms into vitamin A or retinol, which are very much important to improve eyesight. Deficiency of vitamin A causes a number of problems like-

  • Night blindness
  • Ulcers
  • Dry eyes
  • Spotty or blurry vision

Salmon (omega 3 fatty acids)

The salmon fish consists all the 3 types of omega-3 fatty acids. The salmon fish oil contains an important ingredient, which largely maintains the health of the eye. Due to a distinctive blood vessel outburst, the age related macular diseases occur. The result of some researches says that a particular type of docosahexaenoic acid can prevent this. It is proved that this particular acid can protect the unusual growth of blood vessel, which can cause severe eye damages.

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