The way we live our lives, dealing with stains on our clothes and other objects on a regular basis has become mandatory for us. It is not an unusual thing to see a person staining his or her clothes, furniture, office chairs, and carpets and so on. But the positive aspect about all that is the fact that you also have a tonne of de-stainers available for purchase in almost every big retail store out there.

The problem with commercial stain removers

But the thing to be concerned about using these products bought from these retail stores is that they contain a lot of harmful chemicals and hence people need to be careful about how they use them. So, the key thing to worry about is how one can remove these stains effectively but also in a proper way. It is also necessary for you to take prompt and immediate actions as soon as you spot any stains.

Should you leave these stains for too long, it would be even more difficult to remove them than they already are. And this is an even bigger problem since it is unlikely that you will have access to commercial stain removers all the time. The good news is that you can effectively remove all of these stains even without having such a costly stain remover.

So, if you are someone looking for an effective natural homemade stain remover, then you are in luck. Here is a stain removal programme that has time and again proven to be extremely efficient in dealing with even the worst stains. And the ingredients used for making this stain remover can all be found in an every household.

Contents of this recipe

As far as the ingredients of this stain remover are concerned, it is made up of the following things:

  • 100 millilitres of Alcohol Vinegar with an alcohol percentage of 9%
  • 100 millilitres of Liquid Soap
  • 100 millilitres of Mineral Water
  • A clean and well-washed brush
  • A spray bottle that has a capacity of holding at least 300 millilitres

Once you have finished mixing all of the above ingredients together, you need to pour them into the spray bottle. Make sure that the spray bottle is clean and free of dirt. After that, you need to spray the contents of the bottle on the stain. Then you will have to wait for at least 15 minutes. When that is done, you will simply have to scrub the stain off using a brush. If the stain is very persistent, repeat the entire process twice.

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