Vitamin C is the best to stop and fight aging, a number of dermatologists say, and thus, it is always popular. The sole reason is, Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients, necessary for skin, nowadays. But, in case, you are not getting enough results, using a combination of anti-aging creams on the face, you can use them alone, as sold by a number of companies nowadays, which are available through injections, as well. A number of dermatologists even consider Vitamin C as one of the most important products of beauty nowadays.

A number of skin care companies are today, mixing Vitamin C with antioxidants, and offering it as a mixture, but, a number of women today, directly want Vitamin C to reach the skin directly, either through face or any other part of the body. Though, doctors say, injection is the last option, it is always to be done under the observance of the doctors. It should be remembered, one product cannot be suitable for all, and thus, should be taken care of.

An expert says, Vitamin C too has properties of antioxidants, which can offer protection against the sun. It removes all the free radicals, that can hurt the skin. Vitamin C, when used with sunscreen can give best results.

Even when Vitamin C is injected, it can be the best addition to the skin, but it is good to consult a dermatologist before taking steps, in case of allergies or similar problems.