The majority of people have a tendency to reheat leftovers for second and third helpings. Indeed, even though this is satisfactory for a few foods, some represent a tremendous danger to your health once they have been reheated. Interestingly, many have never considered these foods as potential dangers. There are some foods which simply do not hold their nutritional value. These are 7 well known foods that should never be reheated and eaten again.
1. Spinach
Spinach should only be eaten fresh.  It contains a high rate of nitrates which transform into nitrites when heated. When nitrites are exposed to heat, in the presence of amino acids, they can turn into compounds called nitrosamines. This is carcinogenic to the body.
2. Celery
Celery is frequently utilized for soups. As with spinach, celery contains nitrates as well. Like spinach, when heated they can transform into other unstable molecules.
3. Beets
Nitrates leach out of beets when they’re boiled; the longer they’re boiled, the more nitrates you’ll lose. However, when you boil vegetables, you also lose healthy nutrients your body needs.  Beets should be eaten pickled or raw.
4. Potato
The potatoes contain a considerable amount nutrition which shouldn’t be wasted by rapid heating.  Up to 60% of a potato’s nutritional value can be lost if fried or boiled rather than baked at lower temperatures.
5. Eggs
Specifically for fried and boiled eggs exposed to higher temperatures, nutrient quality decreases rapidly.
6. Chicken
It is exceptionally risky to eat chicken the following day after it has been cooked. You can encounter some digestive issues in light of the fact that the structure of proteins will change. It is recommended to eat chicken cold. If you must warm it up, do it at low temperatures for longer periods.
7. Mushrooms
You are likely acquainted with the way mushrooms have fundamental nutrients which should not be heated. It is always best to eat them fresh and raw and never reheated.


It is truly vital to pay careful consideration to what sorts of leftovers you toss in the oven.  A microwave should be your absolute last resort to heat or reheat food.