The most important organ for your health is the liver. Taking care of it is a necessity because your general health depends on it. Toxins in the body are eliminated through the urine because of the liver transforms them into waste.

The feeling of being overwhelmed and sluggish will be experienced by anyone who avoids taking care of their liver. Liver malfunction by storing the toxins and transforming them into fat cells, making you fat in the process.

There are several signs and reasons which indicate that your body is full of toxins.

  • Unexplained weight gain

When you start gaining weight and feeling sluggish, despite the fact that you exercise in the gym. this is usually a sign that your liver is overwhelmed. You keep gaining weight as you train because the fat simply circulates from the gut through bile and then right back to the organ.

  • Allergies

A healthy liver generates powerful antibodies that fight against the allergies but if your liver is overwhelmed, it won’t have the capacity to generate antibodies powerful enough fight against the allergies then you will observe that you experience every allergy.

  • Chronic fatigue

This is one of the most common symptoms that show when your liver is overwhelmed. Your muscle metabolism is greatly affected by these toxins. Pains, physical fatigue and aches are usually experienced leading to major damage to your system

  • Excessive sweating/Body odour

Your liver gets hot and sluggish when it is overwhelmed. It is sometimes compared with a computer, once the liver is overworked it will cause a lot of damages which can cause excessive sweating and odour.

  • Stubborn Acne

A body full of toxins will not properly work; different imbalances will be experienced by the organism. Acnes and damage to your skin can result because of this and no amount of external cleansing will clear it.

  • Bad breath

Source: Time For Healthy Food