Medical science has made a significant development in the recent days and human beings can now find treatment for several incurable diseases. However, cancer is still  a nightmare for many as the researchers are still not being able to find the possible cause of this deadly disease. Yet, some precautionary measures like avoiding red meat are suggested in the studies. Cancer is also curable if detected early but not everyone has the financial ability to avail the treatment. Luckily, three compounds have been identified to help in combating with this deadly disease, provided you know how to use them in the right way.

Treating cancer naturally

Three natural cures of cancer are cheap as well as easily accessible. All you need to do is to use them in the right way.

Ingredients to be used

  • Aloe Vera- 350 grams
  • Vodka- 6 tablespoons. If vodka is not available use any other 40% alcohol
  • Organic honey- 50 grams

Tips to prepare:

Wash the aloe vera leaves and remove its skin to obtain the inner part. Put it into blender along with other ingredients and make a paste. Once done, store it in a clean glass jar.

Usage tips

Consume one tablespoons of the paste thrice a day before you take any heavy meal. This will not just help in treating cancer but also acts as a major preventive for cancer. Aloe vera has a strong smell but you should not avoid taking the paste for the smell.

Some handy cancer prevention tips

Say no to tobacco as it is believed to be the cause behind almost 30% tumors. Stop smoking and switch to a healthy diet plan for ensuring a better life. A large number of people are now diagnosed with lung cancer for their habits of smoking. Also note, that passive smoking is equally dangerous for health. So, stay away from smokers.

Try to maintain a healthy weight as overweight people have more risks of developing cancer. Poor diet can also lead to prostate cancer, breast cancer or colon cancer.

Be careful while going out in the morning. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by using a sunscreen lotion.

Practice healthy sex so that you are not affected by human papillomavirus or HPV virus, as this is known for causing oral cancer and uterine cancer.

Lead a healthy lifestyle and take healthy diet to protect yourself from cancer. Also use the preventive natural remedy to stay safe.