Excess fluids and toxins found in the body are discarded by the kidneys. The kidneys play an important role in our body; they are responsible for our normal body functioning. Our kidneys should be regularly be cleaned; else Kidney stones can be formed. These harmful deposits can easily be formed over time through the accumulation of poison and salts in the body. So in order to avoid harm and illness, it is best to take out these harmful deposits.

Cleanse and improve the functioning of your kidney with this homemade recipe


  • Water
  • handful of parsley (coriander optional)


Chop the parsley in large pieces and keep them in a clean bowl. Add water over parsley leaves to cover them, then place the bowl on a medium heat and let it cook for about 10 minutes. After that, remove it from the heat to cool down. Remember to leave it covered

After it cools, strain and pour it in a cooler. This brew is meant to be consumed one container per day for some days. After consistent consumption of this brew, you will notice your pee is changed, and this change is as a result of the flushing of accumulated toxins from the kidneys. You can also make tea from the leaves if you desire. Just remember to allow the mix stand still for about thirty minutes.

Another advantage to taking this mix is that it eases menstrual cramps and pains. It also helps the improvement of your general health when you take it from time to time.

In a situation where you feel you have kidney stones, consult a specialist.

Drinking plenty fluids during the day aids the proper functioning of the kidneys. Although the drink is 100% natural and safe, it is better not to take it when pregnant.

Other than parsley, there are also other amazing kidney cleaners such as watermelon, lemons, apples and olive oil.

Via Healthy Food USA