A perfect smile is what is universally aspired by the people. The perfect  smile along with the milky white teeth serves as the trump card to leave an impaction impression in the mind of the people.

It is for the same reasons that we desire to have neat and white teeth, that will make us smile as gracious as the celebs. If you have  to attract the attention of the world, the first step will be to maintain the oral health and hygiene. In this article, we  will discuss some effective yet easy tips that will make your teeth to shine, just in 2 minutes.

It is not a compulsion to go for the costly dental treatments to get that perfect and catchy smile. On the contrary, these simple tips will address your concerns about the teeth.  These simple steps will enable you to get a neat set of teeth, without you having to put heavy efforts or investing  a  great deal  of time. Better to say, the tricks will involve stuffs that we use in daily course of life and hence, even from the parameter of cost, you can be assured that ultimately it is zero-expenditure plans.

Though it might sound surprising, the process will involve stuffs like lemon and baking soda.  Ensure that you have these stuffs handy and then, you can run through the steps described underneath, that will bring the desired neatness and shine to your teeth:

  • Take one tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl
  • Slice a lemon into halves
  • Squeeze the lemon to extrude the juice
  • Add the lemon juice with the baking soda and form a paste
  • Take a napkin and using it, apply the paste on the teeth. Ensure that you are applying the mixture evenly on all the teeth.
  • Leave it for 2 minutes
  • Rinse off your mouth and teeth after 2 minutes.

You will surely feel delighted, when you will see the teeth shining. However, you should not repeat the process very often, as it carries the threat to damage the enamel in the teeth.