Cancer rate has been on the rise, even though medical sciences have made a significant development these days. Different types of cancer are affecting both men and women, irrespective of their age or standard of living. Yet, breast cancer rate has increased alarmingly in the recent days and many medical experts believe milk to be a major cause of this deadly disease in women. According to the study by some eminent Norway based scientists, people who consumed three cups or more milk everyday have three times more risk of developing cancer, compared to people who just consume one or half cup.

Some statistics that has been released of late indicates that women in America, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Finland reported the highest rate of breast cancer. All these countries are known for highest production as well as consumption of milk. Not just that, the researchers have also identified that countries, which produce less milk and consume less milk have lower breast cancer cases.

Though you may not know milk to be a cause behind cancer, you might have heard that some compounds and hormones responsible for causing cancer are present in milk. Supplements of processed Vitamin D, which is added to milk or other dairy products needs a mention here, as women diagnosed with breast cancer are found to consume two times more vitamin D in comparison to others. However, you should not just blame milk for cancer causing, as there are several other factors too that play a determinant role.

Excess consumption of pork, dough, processed sugar; fish and vegetables also lead to cancer. People who have poor diet also have increased risk of cancer. Women should not always wear bra as this too may lead to cancer, especially, those who use excessively tight ones, should be careful. It has been observed that women wearing bra at a stretch for around 12 hours or more have prone risks of developing cancer than women who do not wear it often or never at all. So, it is time when you educate yourself with the causes of cancer and update your friends or family with the same.

Source: Healthy Life Vision