If you’re like most women you’ve probably worn a bra at one point or another in your lifetime; probably for a large chunk of your life. And at some point you’ve probably slept it one. More than that though, you’ve probably heard endless arguments about the benefits and negatives of wearing one, or not wearing one. To sleep in a bra, or to not sleep in one? That is the question. And it’s extremely difficult to figure out fact from fiction.

Many women argue against wearing bras because it marks up your body, leaves you feeling trapped, and it supposedly clogs your lymph nodes, which can increase one’s chance of developing cancer. Lymph nodes drain fluid in the breast, and fights infections. This also serves as the first line of defense against foreign materials and cancer cells.

On the flip-side of this debate, there are many night bra-wearers who swear by wearing a bra all the time, even when sleeping, to prevent breasts from sagging (which is natural by the way). Marilyn Monroe was one such avid supporter of doing this.

So what is the truth? Are night bra-wearers the smart ones? Or do those who say go without telling the truth?

Well, let’s ask our good friend, Science. Science says that both of these theories are *drum roll please* nothing but a myth. There is zero scientific evidence that supports bar-wearing at night block lymph nodes. So no, wearing your bar at night will not improve your chances of getting breast cancer.

When it comes to breast sagging, don’t worry about it. Sagging breasts is caused by a multitude of things like age, genetics, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. It has nothing to do with wearing a bra, or not wearing one. To help with discomfort though, if you’re size C or bigger, try wearing a soft bra sans any fancy hardware or wiring, which can help with sagging and discomfort. Anything smaller than a C though, you won’t benefit at all from wearing a bra while you sleep. You’ll only be uncomfortable.

So I think we can agree that this myth has been successfully busted. Science says that a bra doesn’t affect sagging and sleeping in one won’t cause breast cancer. It all comes down to personal preferences. If you possess sensitive skin, don’t bother with wearing a bar as it will make you uncomfortable while you sleep. However, some larger-chested women might find that the bra gives them the added support they need.

Regardless of your personal preferences, if you choose to sleep with one at night, go for soft cupped natural fitted bras that provide a little bit of support, but are kind to your skin.