Did you know that your favorite seafood that you are eating might lead you to trouble? Researchers have recently found out that your fish and seafood contains bloody cancerous tumors along with various diseases that may be harmful for you in the long run.

A very well known research institution has recently reported that the Pacific Ocean is exposed to high amount of radiation since June 2015 and the radiation levels have also reached the West Coast. The delicious and sumptuous fish that we actually eat comprise of radioactive materials like Strontium90 and Cesium 137.Strontium is known to have exact Calcium like properties and it is incorporated directly into our bones on consumption. Since the compound is radioactive, it has very harmful and devastating effects in our bones as well. The bone marrow is badly damaged due to which it may even cause cancerous cell growth as well as leukemia in the bones. The radiation level in the Pacific oven is considered to be very high and is affecting all kinds of fishes such as the Pacific herring, the Alaskan Salmon and the Canadian white fish that have also started developing cancerous tumors all throughout their bodies as reported recently.

The basic problem started with the GMO, then with the Monsanto and now we hear about the Fukushima radiation that is bent upon damaging all our food supplies, which are irreversible and cannot be eaten once they are damaged. Soon there would be nothing that we can call as absolutely safe and healthy for eating .Our regular diet is now turning into a nightmare as well.

Though fish is known to be a very healthy part of our diet, and should be incorporated in our diet as much as possible, there are now questions about the safety of our regular diet and whether it is actually good for us. We all prefer eating wild seawater fish over particularly farmed and bred fish, as they are known to be tastier. It seems like we might have to stop eating these fishes now, thinking about the future effects.

An associate professor of ocean sciences in the Victoria University, Dr Jay Cullen is of opinion that considering the current radiation levels, if we eat around 40 pounds of wild fish in a year, it would definitely be 300 times less dangerous for our health if we compare that to smoking one packet of cigarette in a day. Now it is up to you to decide what you would like to do with your health.

Source: David Wolfe