Did you know that you can now understand the personality of a person by looking at the lips? Lipsology is a new science that helps you to understand the personality of a person by the shape of the lips. Your lips, speak a language of their own and talks a lot about you as well.

The four areas of the lips

Did you know that your lips have four important regions and these areas can also be determined by interpreting them. The four different lip regions are known as the natural line, the cupids bow, the teardrop as well as the corner. The size, shape, fullness and the contours can help to determine your character as well as your personality trait. The following articles would talk about the different shades of your lips and what it signifies.

 The heart shaped lips

Women who possess a heart shaped lip are known to be romantic and also are glamorous. They are also seen to be highly energetic, ready witted, intelligent and creative as well. They have an opinion of their own and a strong will power as well. They are keen lovers and good entrepreneurs as well.

Women with thin lips

Women with thin lips are known to be antisocial and have a fighting nature as well. They are independent and also like to be in control of the situation. They have a dominating attitude as well and also have a drive for ambition. They are known to be overachievers who are sensitive as well as caring, but at the same time very sentimental and strong at heart.

Wide and thick lips

A wide lipped woman is energetic and very outgoing. They are very social and have a number of friends as well. They are very good leaders and not a hypocrite at all. They are total perfectionists who believe in doing each and every task accurately.

Full lips

Full lips represent a woman is motherly and compassionate. They are very good mothers who are confident and strong as well. They make really good friends Women who have round lips are adventurous and have a magnetic personality. They are strong and confident and can take risks. Women with full lips are also considered to be very good kissers.

The different kind of lips determines the kind of person you are and accordingly personifies you. So if you are searching for a good life partner, then the best way to do so is look at her lips and then make a decision of the same.

Image source: diply.com