Your choice of color may speak a lot about your personality, in the same way, as lip color does the same about you. Apart from it, the lipstick shades, also do the same.


Women who love red are free from fear, animated, generous and Ovid. Application of red attracts attention, and you deserve it, for sure.


For girls with pink ones, they are girlie, and person for people. Women using the shade are kind and are related to sweetness.

Plums and brown

With red, or brown shades of lips, the women with brown sticks are always ready to face challenges. They always try to be different from the other girls out there.


Those women or girls, wearing colorless or transparent lipsticks is very gentle and calm. They are quite confident about their looks, and thus, they do not want to cover it with any color available.


Black is by far a choice of brave and extreme girls. They are persistent, strong, and are quite difficult to approach them. Women with black lipstick can recognize other girls of the same type. Depending upon the choice of tone, shiny or bold, they can be grouped into strong or even cool and nice to talk.