All people once walked barefoot, and our body has for centuries gotten used to that. When we put on the shoes, we hurt the most important sense that we have – the sense of touch.

On our feet and hands are points that are connected to vital organs in our body. If you walk barefoot, you stimulate these points which influence all the organs in the body.

The flow of energy in the body

Through our body flows vital energy. The Chinese call it “chi”, the Indians “Prana”, but the point is that it affects our health. It runs through the meridian system, which is similar to the bloodstream.

When the meridians are flowing, all organs receive the necessary energy for optimal performance. When some of the Meridian is corked, an organ which is connected to it weakens and, over time, if the congestion persists, this leads to disease

The meridians end in our feet, so when you walk barefoot, you stimulate essential points and literally massage all the organs in the body and revive the flow of energy through the meridians. This is the best acupressure massage that exists!
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Acupressure massage

If you have nowhere to walk barefoot, at least from time to time do acupressure foot massage. For optimal health and vitality, every morning for five minutes massage your hands and feet.

The pressure has to be strong, but not too strong. You can try out the pressure on the home scale, it should be approximately a quarter of a kilogram to 2 or 3 kilograms. Pay special attention to the pain points and you cannot go wrong.

Although the method of acupressure is extremely simple, the effects and benefits that can be achieved through its practices are incredible.

If you struggle with sinus problems, tension, indigestion, lack of energy, frequent infections, heart failure, disruption in the work of hormones – all of these problems can be solved by using acupressure massage.

Acupressure will help those affected organs with the energy they need for recovery.

Acupressure Massage
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Ground yourself!

Just like sunlight supplies us with vitamin D, the ground supplies us with the necessary energy.

Grounding is contact with the natural bioelectrical field on the ground, and when you walk barefoot, the contact with the field shall be renewed.

How to walk barefoot

Start by walking barefoot five to ten minutes a day and gradually increase. At some point it will become completely natural to walk barefoot.

Do not be surprised if you experience many emotions that have not been there. This is because there is a reconnection with nature. Surrender yourself to that feeling. It is the natural intelligence of your body.