Cigarettes were designed so you become addicted to them when you  first smoke them.    They help many with stress and comfort some.  When cigarettes were first introduced, doctors would often tell men to smoke them to help them with their stamina. It would help them be stronger.  It was allowed everywhere, inside, outside, even on planes.

But we now know the truth about smoking and the effects cigarettes have on our bodies. Quitting can be very hard, especially if you have smoked for a long time.  The brain has been made to think that you can not live without one.  Here is what stopping today can do for your body:

–  20 minutes after having a cigarette, the heart rate and blood pressure return to normal.

–  1 to 2 weeks after quitting, the lungs will begin to improve as will the circulation in the body.

–  1 year after quitting the risk of developing coronary heart disease is reduced to half.

–  10 years after quitting the risk of dying from lung cancer is half compared to those that still smoke.  Pancreatic and larynx cancer risks are also diminished.

–  12 hours after quitting the carbon monoxide level in the body drops back to normal.

–  1 to 9 weeks after quitting, the smoker’s constant cough or shortness of breath will begin to subside.  The tiny hairs that line the lungs help to clean out the lungs and begin to work properly again.

–  5 years after quitting, cancers of the bladder, mouth, throat and esophagus are cut in half. Cervical cancer and stroke risks are also dropped.

–  15 years after quitting, the risk of heart disease is comparable to that of a non-smoker.

–  One month after quitting, an individual will begin to see an increase in energy and stamina.

Republished with permission from: Secretly Healthy

Other sources included in Secretly Healthy’s article: Viral Alternative News