Coke is one of the most harmful drinks to consume. It has numerous consequences. If you are health conscious, it is better to avoid it.

Writer Wade Meredith explains in detail as to what happens inside our body after we drink coke. It just wrecks havoc in our system.

First 10 minute

You consume about 100% of your daily recommended sugar levels. That is enough to make you vomit, but the phosphoric acid in coke cuts the sweetness and keeps it down. You take in nearly 10 teaspoons on sugar at once.

20 minutes

Too much of insulin is released because of the sudden spike in sugar levels. All the excess sugar is converted to fat by your liver. And there is too much sugar in your system at this moment.

40 minutes

Your body has completely absorbed all the caffeine. Your blood pressure will go up and pupils will dilate. As a result of this the liver will release all the excess into the bloodstream. You do not feel drowsy because the adenosine receptors in your brain get blocked.

45 minutes

The pleasure centers in your brain are stimulated due to an increase in dopamine production. It works in the same mechanism as heroin.

+60 minutes

Your metabolism is increased even more. This happens because phosphoric acid binds to calcium, magnesium and zinc in the lower intestine. The problem is further increased due to the high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners. The urinary secretion of calcium is also increased.

++60 minutes

You will now have a strong urge to urinate. That is due to the diuretic properties of caffeine. Along with your urine, all the calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, electrolytes and water will also be released.

+++60 minutes

You will soon start feeling irritated or sluggish. This is because your sugar revels will crash. Along with your urines, you would also have eliminated all the water in the coke. The water will take away all the nutrients from your body which you could have otherwise used to hydrate yourself and build strong bones and teeth.

Just imagine drinking this every day and week. Think of the amount of destruction it can cause to your body. It is simply better to have water, fresh fruit juices and tea without sugars.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes