Business, can not wait, and the shutters are already so heavy that it seems like they were made of lead. At such moments the persistent reach for a cup of coffee, while others, nevertheless stretch the body on the couch and falls asleep.

Scientists say that taking a nap is always a better option than drinking coffee. Just a few minutes of sleep will restart brain and its ability to learn, will encourage the vigilance and improve cognitive abilities.

Research conducted at the University of California showed that 60 to 90 minutes of sleep greatly more than drinking coffee improves perception, verbal memory and basic physical abilities.

The downside of sleep lies in the fact that we do not always enough time for a nap. We can sleep in order to restore energy and 10 to 30 minutes, but no more. If you sleep more than 30, and wake up before the dream of full 60 minutes, you will get the opposite effect. Only then will you be tired and your brain will not be able to reactivate at a level that is required to complete the task that awaits you.