Is it remotely possible that your birth month has something to do with the things you do, the things you say, and your general attitude towards life? Let’s have a look at what the different months in the year say about the female personality.



Ladies born in January have the tendency to be very critical of other people. They are extraordinarily ambitious, serious and conservative; which explains why they find it difficult to talk about their feelings. They only let down their guards when they meet someone who shares the same views about life and is on the same intellectual wavelength with them.




February ladies have a romantic nature but they can have serious mood swings which means they’ll only get along with people who understand them and those who can be patient with their abstract ways of thinking. These women hate betrayal. So if you dare to betray a February lady, you may never see her again.




Females born in March are a pleasure to be with. They are charming with a strong charisma and even though they are cute, they become unattractive when they are upset. For them, falling in love can be difficult but once they are able to break that barrier they are loyal and dedicated in a relationship.




April females can be very diplomatic which makes it easy for them to interact with a wide range of people. If you are able to earn and keep an April lady’s trust and make her open her soul to you, she can make you really happy. You need to be careful, though, these women can be very jealous.

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