Coffee, one of the most commonly used drinks across the globe is present in everyone’s home. We make it regularly, once we wake up  in the morning or when we return home tired in the evening. Though we make and drink coffee everyday, we seldom drink the residue left at the bottom of the cake. However, people who are intelligent enough and know about the benefits of the drink, consider it as Black Gold. They consider it invaluable and never leave it behind after drinking the coffee.

Once you finish drinking the coffee, you just need to spread the leftovers on a flat paper or a backing paper for drying. A dried coffee ground, as it is said, can be put to several use. 14 most popular methods of using coffee grounds have been mentioned below:

Treat cellulite problems

If you have ever checked the ingredient list of any cellulite products, you must have noticed that all of them have some caffeine in it. Therefore, you can also consider using dry caffeine and oil to treat the cellulite problems. This will not only save your money but also you will be able to get a hundred percent safe treatment for your skin.

Use as soap

Coffee is known for making a firming effect on skin and using it as a soap can provide some peeling effect as well.


Applying coffee grounds on your hair can make it feel radiant. The energy it provides to the dark hairs is really something remarkable.

Treat under eyes bag

Use a mix of coffee grounds and olive oil under your eyes and wake up fresh. Applying this regularly will save you from getting exhausted soon. Yet, for the best results, you can go for the coffee-pads obtained from machines as these are perfectly in sync with eyes.

Keeps your fridge fresh

You can now keep your fridge free from any strong odor by just keeping one cup coffee grounds inside the refrigerator.

Prevents grill rust

Cleaning the barbecue after using is tough. To make it a simple task, all you need to do is to take a sponge and put some coffee grounds on it. Rub it gently and get it rinsed using warm water.

Chemical free cleaner

If you are in search of a chemical free cleaner for cleaning different surfaces, pans and pots, you can opt for coffee grounds.

Keep away ants

Ants often lose their beets due to the strong smell of coffee. Therefore, if you keep it regularly in your home, you can surely save it from ant attacks.

Keep away fleas

People with pet dogs now do not have to worry about fleas any more as you can now ward them off by rubbing the coffee grounds on the dog’s skin as well as fur. It will not just remove the fleas, it will also leave a wonderful fragrance.

Fight against wasp

Put some coffee grounds in a fire-proof jar and light it up. Once steaming starts inside the jar, it will remove the wasps in a few seconds.

No worries with snails

Many of you may not know but snails too hate coffee. Therefore, if they are destroying your beets or any other vegetables, just spread coffee on the ground and leave. The strong smell of coffee will eliminate them completely.

No more stray cats

If stray cats are disturbing you and entering your kitchen everyday, all you need to do is to spread some coffee on the floor as the strong smell of this beverage will create an invisible barrier for them.


While snails hate coffee, worms loves it. Hence, putting some coffee grounds in the compost will work like a miracle and offer you a significantly higher amount of production.


Coffee grounds work as a great fertilizer as well. The high amount of nutrients, especially, its phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen content supports plant growth to some great extent.

Henceforth, do not treat coffee just as a beverage. Know its other usages as well.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes