Though we all love eating eggs, have you ever felt like reading the labels of the egg cartons? Closely look at the labels of the cartons and you would find as number of terms like certified organic, “biodynamic and pasture rose written on them. Now what do all these terms actually mean? People do feel that eggs with these terms are very nutritious for health and cooking as well but the best is to try out organic eggs.

These eggs do not have antibiotics used on them that may be the cause of Salmonella, which is one of the major sources of food poisoning. Organic eggs do not contain GMO or herbicides. Farms usually keep their chicken sin a small cage where they are not allowed to grow naturally. Organic eggs means eggs which are obtained from chicken that have been allowed to breed in open and good conditions.

What these designation means

Certified organic

This label is regulated by the USDA. This label means that the chicken were not kept in any pens and are fed with the best with GMO-free food, antibiotics or animal products


This label means that the farms in which the chicken were bred follows organic standards and used healthy soil as well as the best protected biodiversity which has been certified by Demeter USA.

Pasture rose

Pasture raised refers to the Human Farm animal care certification which means that these chickens were bred on outdoor on rotated, pastures covered with vegetation for a minimum of six hours daily with a space of 108 square feet per chicken.

Omega 3

Omega 3 means that the chicken were fed with flax seeds that helps in increasing the omega 3 fatty acids content in the eggs by 100%.

Certified humane

This label signifies that the chicken have been given enough space to move around freely and have been handled with enough care.


Vegetarian means that chicken were fed with food which was free of animal protein

Free range

These chicken shave been provided with a 2 square feet space for roaming all around and is identical to a pasture raised label.

Cage free

This label means that the birds had access to outdoors

United eggs producer certified

This is not a very good label. This means that the chicken was housed in the cage with sheared beaks and their feed also includes GMO and antibiotics.

Source: Food In Shape