Every lady is blessed with one of the four types of ladies’ butts with each type being fascinating in their own little way. Ladies will usually go the extra mile to wear well-tailored outfits which accentuate their butts and at the same time remind us that they come in different shapes. But what exactly does the shape of your butt say about you? Let’s find out.



The heart-shaped butt is usually the most sought after. It’s the shape that every woman desires simply because it is suited to all kinds of underpants and various types of outfits. Moreover, your thighs are accentuated with the heart-shaped butt.



Most ladies are widely known to have the cherry-shaped or apple-shaped round butt which is ideal for different types of underpants such as boxer pants, regulars, or G-strings. The curve on the butt is highlighted by the thinner waistline. Round butts are easy to shape or form but you would have to pay special attention to fat deposits.



The fact that the V-shaped butt is sizeable at the lower parts of the back and then narrows progressively makes it ideal for normal or classic underpants. It is usually shown on a thin waist along with voluminous hips.



With square-shaped butts, the hips have a width which is almost of the same dimensions as the butt. Often called “muscle butt” or “men’s structure”, reshaping a square butt would require regular and often aggressive squats and exercises.

Source: Healthy Life Land