Despite the fact that castor oil has been used as purging cleanse, laxative and parasite remover today people still consider it as a toxins and all the health benefits of the castor oil are being neglected.

There were rumors that this oil contains toxins even some people know that the Big Pharma will do everything that it can so it can still have the big profit even if it needs to push away all the herbal remedies.

One study that was made on rats showed that there were no serious adverse effects of the castor oil. The researchers added the castor oil into the diet of rats. In the castor bean there is a ricin that is a toxic compound but after the cold press and filtering process in order to make the medicinal castor oil the ricin toxicity is completely eliminated.

If you want to use this oil as laxative you will need to consume one tablespoon of food grade castor oil before going to sleep. This way you will not have to worry about constipation and plus it will help the gallstone in the flushing process. For the best results possible you should do that a few nights in a row.

What is a part of Ayurvedic medicine is the castor oil purge. The castor oil purge is consisting of two ounces of fresh orange juice and the exact amount of castor oil. This should be consumed early in the morning after waking up and it is important to be on empty stomach. After half an hour start sipping hot water – 3 to 4 cups on each 15 minutes is enough. This way you will stimulate the flushing and that will help you to eliminate the parasites and even tapeworms. If you decide to do this you should not eat fried or fatty meals but instead some light food.

According to an eminent physic healer named Edgar Cayce we should use three or four linens in order to cover the epidermal area (right above the problematic organ – liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.) and after that, he advices to soak the linens with warm castor oil and to place them on the affected area, and to cover it with a hot bottle.

It is important for everyone to know that the external applications can affect the internal organs and with that it will provide many health benefits. It has powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and with it you can easily solve some skin problems.

Many people are happy with the results that they achieved with the help of castor oil, watch the video below!


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