There are two types sugars available in the market, the brown sugar and the white sugar.

The myth is in vogue that brown sugar is more nutritious than white sugar but there is no proof behind this myth. The fact is that Brown sugar contains molasses and water and tastes sweeter than the white one. But before consuming these you should have the right knowledge, which one is better for your health.

Know about the Nutritional Values

Believing the myth, many people believe that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar and that’s why they consider using it in place of white sugar. But f you one had scientific knowledge he would know that there is not a big difference between the two types of sugars when the question comes on the nutritional values. The compositions of these two types of sugars are 99.9% sucrose in the white sugar and 97% sucrose brown sugar respectively. The remaining of the brown sugar contains water (2%) and other substance (1%).

If you consume a teaspoon of white sugar you will consume total 16 kilocalories while at the same time a teaspoon of brown sugar gives you 17 kilocalories. Though there is not much difference between these two in this aspect but there are differences in other aspects as the sucrose composition and the molasses found in brown sugar make it “more nutritious”. This type of sugar also contains various minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. However you should not think foolishly that it means brown sugar is healthier than white sugar because the minerals are present in a very small quantity so they are not sufficient to provide health benefits that your body need.

Particular qualities of white and brown sugar

When raw sugar is delivered from the sugar cane it looks little brown for the presence of the molasses. But the sugar manufacturers remove the molasses by bleaching and thus white sugar is formed. And the interesting fact is that the white sugar can still turn into the brown sugars if molasses are added to it. But these two types of sugars basically vary in the taste. As the molasses are preset in the brown sugar, you can have the taste of it in this type of sugar. It is also sweeter and richer with a moist and chunky texture while on the other hand; the white one is dry and grainy.

Time to make your choice

The use of brown or white sugar totally depends on the recipe of your cooking and your personal preference as well. You may go for brown sugar because of its richness whereas you can also choose the white sugar as it has plainness. However, if you are conscious about the nutritional value of sugar there are lots of benefits to get from the both. But the fact is that you should not consume too much of any of sugar as consumption of too much sugar can be harmful to your health as sugar contains a large quantity of carbohydrate.