Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease. Researchers and scientists are trying hard to discover a medicine to this dead disease. However, millions of dollars are being spent to find a medicine for this illness.

But, there is no curable medicine as of now. On the other hand, studies and reports say that cancer is one of the diseases that brings benefits to pharmaceutical industries.

On the other side, we are now able to see the stories of different people who suffers from cancer and their treatment naturally, without taking help pf chemotherapeutic or radiation.

It looks like we know a small bit about cancer and what we are not being told about it. Big Pharma companies does not like any alternative methods as they will lose money coming in.

The University of Kentucky conducted a research on the effects of grape seed and they discovered that it can cure cancer. At the end, they came up with some promising results.

The medial experts found that grape seed can kill almost 80% of the cancer cells. American Association for Cancer Research magazine had also published this study.

There are many studies that says that natural remedies can help in fight against cancer. But there is no effective solution for cancer. Million of people are losing life every day due to this disease.

Source: Natural Healing Magazine