Recent studies have revealed that whole milk containing full fat is the healthiest choice for people as this practice may lead to avoid health risks like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Earlier conception was in the minds of people that intake of sufficient amount of fat may lead to obesity and diabetes. Present survey contradicts the earlier conception.

 Obesity links with diabetes

Recent survey for the duration of 11 years with the health of eighteen thousand women nearly reveals that the women who had consumed lot of whole milk with high fat have less likely to become obese than the women who consumed less fat diary products. Consumption of low fat content dairy products has no link between obesity and diabetes 2.

Further studies with another group of people by testing the blood samples for consumption level of high fat dairy products with the cardiovascular impact and diabetes revealed that there is no relation between consumption of high fat dairy products with cardio vascular health. So, it has reversed the concept of the people had that consumption of high fat products in major quantities may lead diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Heart diseases with consumption of fat

Previously, cardiologists used to advise patients with risk of heart disease with high cholesterol, not to take high fat diet including high fat milk   in their regular food. But, modern researches have revealed that high fat diet including high fat milk lowers the risk of heart disease as well as diabetes. So, people with high cholesterol are advised by the doctors to include high fat whole milk including foods with fats in their diet. It has also been observed that people with lower cholesterol have lower death risks than people with higher cholesterol.

Consumption of raw milk

People may think now according to the advice of the doctors to include high fat milk in their diet chart. But, it suggested always to consume raw milk rather than homogenized and pasteurized available in grocery stores as these milks contain mixture of lots of milk from variety cows to provide the texture of the milk a homogeneous figure. But, this type of milk is not acceptable for consumption and it is better to consume raw milk.

It is advisable to consume raw milk than pasteurized milk as raw milk is better for digestion, provides better nutrition and also provides better growth. Raw milk also helps to prevent diseases, helps to grow organs, better fertility option and improves tooth health.

So, include high fat milk in your diet chart and it is better to consume raw milk as it is better for growth of human health and may prevent diseases.

Source: Healing The Body