After a long stressful day, a massage can work wonders to relax you. Plus this massage can be done in the comfort of your home. Not only does a massage relax your muscles, it also boosts your metabolism, eliminate fat, stimulate the sweat glands, rejuvenate the skin and also increases the blood flow in the body.

Get rid of various acids that causes various diseases by applying pressure on various important points on the body. For best results, massage your feet for over 10-15 minutes and you can use your thumb to hold a point for a couple of seconds while applying pressure. It is important to massage your feet before you go to bed because it can help in the elimination of acids that cause various negative effects. Especially when you massage your feet in the evening, it reduces cramps, stimulates digestion and relaxes the muscles. There are many nerve endings and sweat glands found in the feet and these nerve endings are linked to major organs in the body. So massaging your feet is affecting other organs in your body.