This is the story of a mother, wide, expert in geochemistry, and much renowned professor, Jane Plant, who in the year 1987 was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Jane was given an initial prognosis from doctors that the cancer would end both her career and her life. Jane, however, refused to meekly succumb to this disease, and instead chose to fight despite the fact that her cancer returned four times.

Jane completely transformed her lifestyle, which included a complete overhaul of her diet. Her goal now is to raise awareness about her regimen and inform other women of the positive impact this can have in their own battle against breast cancer.


Jane’s husband, another renowned scientist, was in China when she was diagnosed. Consequently, he began looking into why the rate of breast cancer was so much lower in China. He and his colleagues discovered a cancer fighting method with healed his wife. This method is regarded as controversial, however, although the treatment is public and well-known.

Jane’s Story

My coworkers and close friends from China sent letters, cards, and herbal suppositories, and my husband gave them to me. Initially, I found the idea of taking suppositories humorous thinking there was no way they could treat my breast cancer unless they were some kind of miracle in disguise.


Despite my skepticism, there was one question that caught my attention: why don’t women in China get breast cancer? So I began to take a closer look at the question and found an explanation in our experiences after studying scientific data. Researchers in the 1980s found that the average Chinese diet consisted of only 14% fat, whereas the average Western diet contains 36%. My diet pre-cancer was abundant in fiber, and low in fiber, however. And fat intake does not improve the risk of breast cancer.


During our research, one person on our team mentioned that the Chinese don’t wat dairy. Suddenly, things became clear and I knew we were on the brink of a big discovery.


Brought to mind was memories of my Chinese coworkers turning down the cheese on platters, and my friends who thought milk was only for babies. In fact, as a whole the Chinese view our Western obsession with milk and dairy products to be odd. The Chinese don’t feed their children milk, or dairy products .


In one meeting with the Chinese delegation of scientist, I remember how they politely declined this pudding that had been served once they learned what it was made of. The Westerners, on the other hand, had a second serving. This was when I learned that a large portion of the world, 70%, were lactose intolerant meaning they cannot digest milk sugar. Many allergies are the result of milk as well.


Prior to getting cancer, I ate low-fat cheese, yogurt, and skimmed milk regularly. Furthermore, I ate cheap, lean minced beef that originated from dairy cows. I did this all under the impression of believing I was filling my gut with good bacteria to help with my digestion during chemotherapy.


That said ovarian cancer was linked to yogurt in 1989 where hundreds of women diagnosed with this cancer were studied by Doctor Daniel Cramer of Harvard University.  He took special note of their diet. It was after receiving this knowledge that I gave up dairy entirely, even including foods like butter, milk, and yogurt. However, I realized that many common foods like cakes, biscuits, olive oil margarine, and soups contains dairy.


During this time, the chemo was not positively affecting my cancerous lump. I got rid of dairy products from my diet, beginning with 2 week. That’s when I noticed the cancerous lump in my neck itched, then grew soft, and then smaller. The tumor was not suppressed, it was cured.


Six weeks went by on my dairy-free diet and I could no longer feel my lump. Even my husband could not find it! Then I saw my cancer specialist at Charing Cross Hospital; he examined my neck and was shocked he could not find the lump. However, after explaining what I did, he remained skeptical although now I hear he tells his current cancer patients to avoid dairy.


Today, I know see the link between dairy products and breast cancer, similar to how I understand the link between smoking and lung cancer. I fully believe I have permanently cured my cancer thanks to cutting out dairy, which has kept my hormones balanced. I know that many of you are skeptical that something as natural and common as milk is the reason for such a serious health issue, but I am living proof of the truth of this.

The Video


The video below displays Professor Plant talking about her incredible discovery:

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