Any kind of pain that occurs in the head is seen as a headache. They can occur on both sides of any head, moving from one location another, or even be cut off to a certain locations of the head.

In certain instances, headaches may be in gradual development, slowly increasing in intensity. In other instances, they can explode in a sharp surprise through someone’s head. The duration of headaches differ too, some sticking around for a few days, while others only lasting for hours or minutes.

The most severe types of headaches available are called migraines. This is a form of pain in the head which only affects a single side of it. In the majority of cases, the pain is triggered by stress, environmental factors, and hormones.

Here, we’ll be looking into certain remedies that you can use to cut the sharpness of a headache down.


This is a miraculous method of curing migraine headache problems. If you’re seeking relief from this form of headache, all you have to do is peel down a banana, with taping half of the pee to your forehead. From there, simply set down and relax, where the headache should disappear in only 20 minutes.

Of course, there may be a margin of difference in the timeframe required for the headache to go away. This will differ from one individual to another, where at most you’ll need a ½ hour for the therapy.

The reason why this cure works well is that potassium deficiencies often trigger headaches. This is what a banana peel compensates, a lack of potassium. Bananas are a food infamous for high potassium levels, which should be adopted for regular use in your diet, if you want to get rid of headaches for the long-term.

Banana peel compounds also reconnect disrupted brain circuits of your brain, which are actually triggering those painful headaches. Thus, when you do have a headache again, you should take this method into consideration by employing it, instead of using chemical medications that will you’re your body in the long-run.

Just to note: Some headaches are symptoms of other diseases you may have. Headaches with higher body temperatures and nausea are example of this phenomenon. In such cases, we highly recommend you seek a doctor as soon as possible.

Source: Health & Wellness 365