Sunflower Seeds are found in abundance in the North of America.These seeds are known to promote good health, fight diseases and lower the cholesterol level in the body.It is also used for making oil. Here are the health benefits of sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds- make a great snack

Did you know that sunflower sees make a great snack for people?They are helahty and nutritious as well.These seeds are also a perfect combination to your salad toppings as they are crunchy.They are power packed with a great deal of nutrients due to which is makes  a healthy diet for all.

The benefits of having sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are known to fight all kinds of germs and viruses.They have a terrific nutritional value with the right kind of fats and proteins.Did you know that eating  one fourth cup of sunflower seeds on a regular basis can provide you with 82% of your daily Vitamin E intake, as well as 70% copper, 43% of Vitamin B1, 33% of phosphorus, 28% of magnesium, 28% of Vitamin B6, 20% of Folate and 18% of Vitamin B3.With so much of power packed nutrients, eating has never been better wih sunflower seeds.

Benefits from Thyroid

Mostly 80% of people have thyroid problems.The thyroid gland helps in blodd circulation, heart rate, metabolism, body tempaature control and much more.Sunflower Seeds help in controlling the thyroid gland as it has 34% of selenium that is required to influence the thuroid gland.

Helps in treating parkinsons and alzeimers disease

Sunflower seeds help in treating parkinsons disease as well as alziemers disease.It has sufficient amount of Vitamin E that is an important anti oxidant for the body.It can also cure many heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.They also have a compound that can prevent cancer.

Keeps the brains, muscles and cholesterol healthy

Sunflower seeds which are rich in magnesium are important for bones as well as muscles.Magnesium helps in building healthy bones and also helps in keeping the heart and muscles healthy and relaxed, and also wards off depression and migraines.It helps in detoxification of the skin, helps in promoting smooth and clean skin, and also help in removing impurities.

Sunflower Oil is obtained from sunflower seeds and thus it is a great way to cook food as well.Ensure that you have it in your regular diet.