A lot of people wonder how they can get something to help them when they are diagnosed with last stage cancer which is not curable by any modern day medicine. If you are one of them, then this is for you. You should try cannabis oil and it is likely that you will get a result. In the countries, where it is legal to sell medical marijuana, it is easy to get cannabis oil. However, in many other countries selling and use of any form of marijuana is illegal.

A woman in Australia got diagnosed with terminal Cancer. She was told that she will live at most another six months. This was a fatal blow that she was not expecting. No modern hospitals or health care had any option or treatment in hand. Her daughter influenced her to use cannabis oil. This turned out to be really effective. The middle aged woman who was so sure to die, now lives a cancer free life happily.

The idea turned out to be really good and as she started using the cannabis oil, it cured the so called incurable terminal cancer in just 3 months. She decided to deliver the cannabis oil in a unique way and when this was successful, she didn’t hesitate to put everything on YouTube. This is indeed an act of bravery as Australia doesn’t allow the use of cannabis in any way or support the act of promoting it. She was pretty confident with the results she had in her hands and she even used her real name in the video, making it more credible.

Non-Conventional Medical Methods treats Terminal Cancer

At the start of 2014, she found out that she has been diagnosed with small lungs cancer. She waited for some time for biopsy and wanted to know about the full damage that has taken place. The cancer cells started growing and it was on the last stage.

Her oncologist said that it was absolutely illogical to use radiation therapy on the patient. At the last stage using radiation therapy followed by chemotherapy can be really agonizing for someone her age. It was the best to leave it untreated for the time being and let her live the alternative medicine free life. Using conventional methods could have damaged the small time she had and it is actually a great lot of money too.

She didn’t lose hope and after getting an idea from her daughter, she and her husband started searching for any non-conventional method they can get a hold of. This is the time they used various web search engines and got to know about two pro-cannabis groups. These groups taught her what she wanted and she was ready to prepare cannabis oil in home. In Australia it isn’t easy to get cannabis but some were managed with great cost.

However, after preparing the oil, she faced another obstruction. The oil must be rich in THC so it can have cancer healing abilities. Getting 1 gram a day is said to be the proper standard. Delivering this via mouth was considered impossible as the psychological effect was so strong on her. The couple didn’t lose heart and they thought of another way of delivering it. They mixed 0.5 gm. cannabis oil with 0.5 gm. coconut oil. They created this mixture and put it in a syringe to deliver this solution via rectum.

This method was clearly very helpful for them. They were so sure about the usefulness of the cannabis oil and by this non-conventional method she was able to get her daily portion of the medicine without having to worry about the psychological effects of using and smoking cannabis.

Even when we are talking about lungs problem it can still be useful to use the rectum technique. To get the benefits of essential oils, a lot of people has used this technique and got help. So this was a viable technique. Many people has used it to get help as getting the oil orally actually doesn’t help much. It gets flushed away with the circulatory system without ever reaching liver. However using the rectum process can be helpful in these cases.

The idea was simple. These is a well-known technique and in Chinese Medical System, it is also known as the Ozone Therapy. This therapy helped many people to get the best of oils in previous days. The brave woman chose to go with the technique and this was proven pretty successful. After using cannabis oil via rectum they were able to get the full dose of THC in the woman’s body without any worry.

After using it in that method for 3 continuous moths, she was completely ok and the cancer cells were no more in her body. The terminal cancer was no more to make her afraid. She indeed was happy with this and didn’t forget to share the technique with the world and posted the whole video of it in YouTube. This was a brave thing to do and people got inspired by the video and it went viral.

The RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is made of hemp and naptha. Naptha is known for its flammability. In the last period of time a lot of people are trying to create cannabis oil on their own and it is basically really simple. This product is safe, easy to create and doesn’t need that much high amount of cannabis as well.

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