Cancer is deadly, no matter what form it is in. But it is a sad plight that more than 550 women lose their lives to ovarian cancer every year. This is mainly due to factors such as age, genetic predisposition and excess use of oral contraceptives.

The worst news is that more than 80% of women are diagnosed of this deadly form of cancer only at an advanced stage, when very little can be done to treat it.

We bring to you some of the symptoms of Ovarian cancer, that will help in an early diagnosis.

  • Frequent backaches – Back aches should never be ignored especially if you are not suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • Thronging pain in the pelvis and stomach
  • Irregular Cycles – A very important symptom for women to note. Even though statistics show us that women more than 55 years of age have a high risk of ovarian cancer, it can occur even in young girls, who have not even received their first cycle.
  • Exhaustion and tiredness – Exhaustion is okay if you are involved in a lot of physical activities. But it is a serious cause of worry if it occurs for no reason. Other associated symptoms include nausea, shortness in breath and loss of appetite.
  • Feeling of fullness – Fullness or satiety is a very important symptom of ovarian cancer. Most people would associate this with digestive disorders, but only later find out that the issue is much worse than presumed.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse – Due to pressure in the pelvic region, there may be some pain during sexual intercourse. Contact your doctor immediately when you spot this symptom.
  • Vomiting – Another common ailment that one might mistake for digestive issues. Certain cases of ovarian cancer see nausea, abdominal pain and constipation as major symptoms.
  • Bloated Stomach – This is another important symptom. If your stomach seems bloated up, as if to seem pregnant, this could be a sign of ovarian cancer.
  • Hair Growth – In some cases there could be excessive and sometimes growth of dark hair in most women. But cancer can also sometimes lead to hair loss as well.
  • Frequent constipation – Generally associated with digestive disorders, constipation is another symptom of ovarian cancer. This is because the digestive tracts are affected by the cancer, especially in the early stages.

We believe that this article is definitely worth sharing and it might help someone in an early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Source: Sport Online Group