When you always thought that the science of aromatherapy is just purely to create ambient and relaxing surroundings inside your home or on wellness centers and spas, then you’re not quite right. Fragrant essential oils used in aromatherapy can be used as alternative medicine purposes, too! Using essential oils dates back to ancient times, improving not just the moods of people who utilize it but as well as their overall health. Harness the power of your mind and your olfactory senses with these wave of essential oils and get ready to take your health and wellness up a notch!


The Rich and Wonderfully Healing World of Oils

Essential oils are timeless remedies to a lot of body ailments. They improve relaxation, alleviate pain, and help boost the mind and body. Essential oils are mostly derived from different herbs, plants and flowers. Here are a few examples of common essential oils that are not just fragrant and aromatic, but also healthy and wonderfully healing!



This beautiful and fragrant plant contains natural oils that help in a myriad of ways. It’s great for the skin- it helps in healing wounds, burns, insect bites, and reduces itch and inflammation. Not only that, lavender oils are also good antispasmodic agents. Not to mention the all-known fact that lavender calms and soothes, as well as reducing anxiety in most people.



Dubbed as the “Queen of Essential Oils”, rose oils aren’t just exquisitely fragrant- they’re also good to be used in alleviation of pre-menstrual symptoms such as bloating, moodiness, and fluctuation in emotions. Also, rose oils are great for cell regeneration. Use rose oils to calm and relax a person, too. Its sweet and innocent aroma will surely take your stress away!



Its warm and totally useful for your tummy health. Use your trusty ginger as a nausea-reliever, gas eliminator and overall improvement of the digestive system. Ginger’s warmth soothes inflammation and pain physically and emotionally without a sweat.



This essential oil has many uses: It has properties that make it useful for relieving nausea and migraines. It also gives great benefits for muscle aches and associated pain. Available from undiluted oils to enteric-coated tablets for the stomach. A word of warning: Never use peppermint oil on children under 30 months of age, as the menthol in in cannot be properly processed by the bodies of little children. It is too strong for them. Adults, beware too- high doses of peppermint oil inhalation may lead o muscle weakness and dizziness, among others. Check with your physician first to properly be guided on how to include peppermint oil in your treatment course.

These are just four of the most common oils- there’s more out there to find out! Always talk to your physician first before including any kind of essential oil to your treatment plan. It’s best to stay on the safe side by letting your physician decide if the usage of aromatherapy techniques will help to alleviate your illnesses safely and quickly. Always remember- use the oils as strictly directed to enjoy its maximum benefits on the body! So say goodbye to your pesky health symptoms- a little sniff of an essential oils just might be the solution to that!