You are not too fat but the bloated stomach is causing a dampening effect on your personality. It is also causing problems with your health and you often complain of discomfort or gas related issues.  While some people get bloated stomach after heavy meals, there are others, who carry it round the year.

What is the reason behind bloated stomach?

  1. Inadequate water consumption- Drink around 6-8 glass of water everyday as dehydration is one of the major causes of bloated stomach. Excess alcohol and caffeine intake may also lead to the bloating of your stomach. Bloating is one of the major symptoms of fluid retention in different areas of the body as your system starts using water from different tissues, when you do not offer it sufficient amount of water. So, be careful about maintaining adequate water intake.
  2. Constipation- A common problem of many people, constipation can also cause bloating of your stomach. To relieve the gases trapped in the feces, you should eat fiber-rich foods gradually and switch to whole grain bread instead of white breads. Also you can intake some berries and smoothies regularly.
  3. Chronic stress- Stress can also be one of the major causes of bloating. Excess stress often affects the functioning of your digestive system and lead to stomach pain or constipation. This in turn can cause bloating. So stay happy and keep yourself free from any negative thoughts or emotions.
  4. Fast eating- People who do not chew their foods properly often get bloated stomach as the foods do not get digested. Therefore, take small bites and chew them properly.
  5. Carbohydrates- Refrain from excess carbohydrates consumption as it will bloat your belly. Opt for low carbohydrate diet and reduce sugar intake. Also avoid alcohol and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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