In this article, we’re going to provide you a remedy that you can use to aid you with your diabetes issue. It’s only made up of 2 ingredients, which is perfect, since you’re usually going to have them in your kitchen!

Ingredients are:

  • Celery (300g)
  • 6 lemons


Wash the celeries properly before grating. Proceed to add them into a pot, where the lemons should be squeezed on top of them. The pot should be covered and placed in another pot that is filled with water. Boil under the large pot’s water until it hits the boiling point. After boiling, the heat should be reduced. Simmer at low temperatures for around 2 hours.

The pots should be removed from the stove, but ensure that it is not opened until the mixture has properly cooled down. Put the mixture into a jar after cooling, where everything should be closed tightly.

A tablespoon of this should be taken every morning, a half hour before breakfast. An empty stomach is necessary for this. The mixture should last you for 2 months, where you’ll begin to notice that your blood sugar levels have started to stabilize again!

Source: Just Amazing Recipes