Everyone should mix cucumber in their water and drink. This guide will tell you how to prepare a simple yet extremely healthy drink that can do wonders to your health. Just mix the two and you will get an amazing beverage.

There is no doubt that all of us need to be properly hydrated at all times. But at times we should add some flavor to our water – and if that flavor can add more health benefits, it will be best.

Cucumber water is a great substitute for various types of refreshments you may be enjoying. It has a sweet smell and is highly beneficial in burning extra pounds.

One of the best ways of become slimmer is to reduce the number of calories you are taking. This cucumber-water has less than 50 calories and it makes a great substitute for apple juice which contains 113 calories while a soda can has around 150 calories. Water, on the other hand, has no calories at all.

So this beverage makes the perfect healthy alternative to all these drinks.

This amazingly refreshing water will also help you in maintaining a balanced appetite. When we are dehydrated and become dry, most of the time we feel that we are hungry (and not thirsty). So when you drink cucumber water, it will replenish the loss of fluid in your body while also giving you just enough number of calories to fight the hunger. This can push you up to the next meal.

This drink is not only great in helping lose weight, it can also help improve your skin health. Cucumber has silica and the compound is helpful in fighting pimple inflammation. It is also beneficial in fortifying the muscles and tissues.

This beverage is loaded with a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants, the most notable being vitamin A and vitamin D.

Cucumber water can also give you relief if you have a hangover. Overall, there are so many healthy reasons for drinking this beverage.


  • Take one cucumber and wash it.
  • Cut it into circles and put in water for 2 hours

For best results, leave it in water through the night. You may also add lemon, strawberry or mint of additional flavor.

Source: Healthy Food Team