A large number of people suffer from a common lung ailment, asthma. People suffer from asthmatic disorders, irrespective of their age or sex and complain of severe breathing problems due to thickening of bronchial tubes as well as lethal inflammation of the respiratory system. Though the ailment causes serious problems to people, it is just an allergic reaction. While coughing and suffocation are the common symptoms of this disorder, weakness along with breathing inability are some of the major consequences. Production of phlegm in throat area also increases during asthma attack as lung irritation tightens the muscles.


Asthma can be treated with medicines. Yet, most of the people suffering from this condition prefer to keep an inhaler handy with them so that they can combat with the condition at once. However, inhalers often contain harmful chemicals, including steroids, which in the long run causes harmful side-effects. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep asthma under control by opting for a healthy diet option and natural solutions. Avoiding the food causing asthma is also a wise decision.

People suffering from asthma can try out the below mentioned juice for complete treatment of asthma.

Ingredients to be used:

Recipe 1

Capsicum- ½ bunch

watercress- 2 ½ bunch

Cucumber – ¼

Lemon juice- ½ cup

Pineapple- 1

Lemon juice

Wheat grass juice- 1 small glass

Recipe 2

Celery- 6 stalks

Spinach- 1 bunch

Parsley- 1 bunch

Lemon Juice- ¼ cup

Green apples- 2

Recipe 3

Ripe Lemongrass- 3 bulbs

Lemon- ½

Cucumber- 1

Recipe 4

Strawberry juice- 2 cups


Cranberry Juice- 1

Recipe 5

Pineapple- ¼

Radish-  pieces

Lemon- ½

Kale- 8 stalks

Fennel- 1

Foods to be avoided to check asthma attacks-

Meat, milk, egg or any other animal origin food.

Monosodium and sodium glutamate as these narrows down the bronchial tubes leading to asthmatic condition.

Soft drinks and alcohol

Citrus fruits

Vegetable oils with matahar flower and corn, as these cause respiratory tract inflammation.

Source: Health Online Central