The joint pain is really distressing and it would slowly haunt you, as you grow older. It can cause various kinds of difficulties while walking or doing any kind of job at home. Sometimes join pain can be really frustrating and it also goes after rest or exercise.

Joint pain and its adverse effects

Sometimes pain in the joint can be really terrible. Joint pain, which is known as arthritis can be really painful if not treated in the right way. It can restrict your movements as well. If you are suffering from serious joint pain then you need to exercise in order to stay well. There are times when you just cannot stay without having medicines. The best ways in which you can reduce pain in the joints are changing in the life style as well as alterations in the diet. You can also try out some folk medicines among which one of the best medicines are vinegar.

How can you use apple cider vinegar in joint pains?

Apple Cider vinegar can be used in baths. Mix One cup of apple cider vinegar with approximately six glasses of water and dip in your hands and feet in that mixture. If you have pain in the neck, you can put that mixture with a compressed towel on the sore spot.

Rubbing the mixture

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Stir the mixture well and rub this mixture well into the joints where you have the pain. You need to regularly rub the mixture on the area affected with pain and the pain may be relieved.

Healing potion

You can dissolve 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 300 ml of water as well as any fruit juice. Consume this three times a day before meals and you would see the difference. Apple Cider vinegar is known to be an excellent mixture that can fight against all kinds of joint pains. It is also considered to be a powerful anti oxidant required to cleanse the body well. Try this wonderful folk remedy for joint pains and recommend the same for people suffering from joint pain.

Source: My Healthy Life Advices