Everybody know that onion possesses a special and uncommon taste and aroma, but I bet you probably neverknew that it can be used to treat various types of diseases, and supports our overall health. Onions possess some powerful anti-inflammatory substances which can efficiently andeffectively treat acute vomiting. Onions are also high in antioxidants such as quercetin, which destroys the molecules or ions and supports good health. Sulfur, which is also a great part of onions, has a strong antiseptic and antibiotic action.

The wide range of health benefits of onions includes:

  • it stabilizes high cholesterol levels
  •  the sulfur and flavonoid content helps in case of diabetes
  •  treat arthritis
  • treat cardiovascular diseases

Onions have long been in use as a remedy since ancient times. Here are some of the conditions they were used to treat


Take a big onion, peel and cut it in halves. Then, add a tablespoon of brown sugar on the halves and let them stay for an hour. Take this twice a day and watch as the cough dissappears.


Prepare some peppermint tea and allowto cool off. Then, extract the juice of an onion with cheesecloth, and take two teaspoons of it. Wait 5 minutes, take two teaspoons of the cold peppermint tea, and wait another 10 minutes before you repeat this treatment. Repeat it until you feel better. .


A mixture of some coconut oil with thin onion slices should be used to massage the feet. Apply several onion slices to the arch of the feets, m and wear a socks. Leave them to work throughout the night.

4.Dissolve chest congestion

Mix some coconut oil and an onion to make a paste. Apply to the chest , secure it with a towel and a shirt to warm it up, letit stay for a while like that and then wash it off.

5.Ear infections and ear pain

Securingit with a hat or bandage, put some chopped onion into a sock and put it on the affected sideuntil you feel the pain no more.


The transparent part of an onion has some very strong antiseptic properties that prevents damage to the skin. You can apply it on the cuts to immediately stop the bleeding.

The below remedy has been used by the Cherokee Indians to cure colic children. Boil slices of a yellow onion in some water. Leave it to cool, then, drain the mixture. Give a teaspoon to your child hourly until visible improvements.

7. Air purifier

Onion slices are quite powerful, they can kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria in the air and cleanse it, so it will be a good idea to have and distribute them all around your house.

Here are some other ways to use onions:

  • Massage onion slices onto your skin to prevent freckles
  • To speed up hair growth, you can rub onion slices onto your scalp.
  • Rubbing an onion onto the skin helps prevent insect bites
  • You can also place onions in your clothes to prevent moths.
  •  Boil and sprinkle onion juice around your plants to prevent them from bugs and pests.
  •  Clean and polish glass and copper objects with slices of onions.
  •  Clean the surface of your iron with slices of onion to prevent rust

The WHO (World Health Organization) also advocates the use of onions in the treatment of coughs, flu, infections, congestion , bronchitis, and colds.