So what is wrong with some nail biting? Sure it does show signs of nervousness but it sure is not going to cause any health problems, is it? Well not quite so. It could lead to several complications even death. John Gardener’s shocking story says it all. John was forbidden by his Doctors from biting his nails. But he still continued to do so causing several complications.

So here is the story.

John Gardener just could not stop biting his nails, despite doctors’ warnings. The forty year old ultimately contracted a septic infection that turned out to be more dangerous than it looked. This infection was so severe that it led him to have a heart attack. Doctors state that he kept biting his nails till the point of bleeding and ultimately the nails got into a poor condition and lost sensation in the tips of his fingers.

Doctors attribute this habit of John to his anxiety and depression. General Practitioner, Dr. Vernon said that John’s fingers were bleeding and in poor condition when he visited the doctors. The habit stemmed from extreme anxiety which ultimately led to depression.

The bleeding subsided and then later caused a septic infection, known as sepsis. John was prescribed and treated with antibiotics, but the tip of one finger was removed in order to stop the spread of the infection.  John started to show some signs of improvement, but suffered an unfortunate heart attack due to the septic infection and passed away suddenly.

John’s family is shocked at this unexpected event. John’s mother Jean Gardener said that this death has hit their family very hard and that she hoped that this tragedy doesn’t befall upon anyone else’s son.

This devastating story would surely bring about a change in the way we see nail biting and other habits that seems harmless.

Source: Just Healthy Life Style