So how do you have your coffee every day? I’m pretty sure that you like it black. If not you will have it with creamer or skimmed milk. Here is a new way to drink your coffee that will turn it from being the beverage you need to stay awake to the beverage you need to stay fit.

That’s right. This drink will help you lose weight as much as it helps you to keep your energy levels up. Just add some coconut butter or coconut oil to the coffee and drink this every morning. You’ll just notice how the energy levels in your body are high throughout the day. You would probably not need another coffee throughout the day.

The best part about this is drink is that it cushions the effects of caffeine and makes sure that you don’t feel an acid stomach or stay up all night. Coconut butter or oil have a wide range of health benefits and are a great substitute for regular milk. When mixed with coffee it helps boost the metabolism, which in turn burns more fat throughout the day. This recipe has been in use in Tibet for ages.

Just have a look at this video, which shows you how to make the drink. Just add two teaspoons of coconut butter to the coffee and blend this. Sprinkle some cinnamon to get better results in boosting metabolism and burning fat. Coconut butter contains medium chain fatty acids as against long chain fatty acids and these medium chain fatty acids help boost metabolism. It can also help control insulin levels.